Hayek Engineering AG is an independent, international company which delivers counseling on strategy, innovation and management.

Ms Nayla Hayek has been leading the company as successor to her father the founder, Nicolas G. Hayek (1928 – 2010).

Hayek Engineering AG has its headquarters in Zurich and branches in France and Germany. It takes part in various undertakings in other companies such as the Swatch Group or Belenos Clean Holding.

Since the sixties, Hayek Engineering Germany has actively been involved in building up the steel and automobile industry. In Switzerland, Hayek Engineering has built up its name, amongst other things, through projects in the public sector. Worldwide project successes, objectiveness and absolute independence have made Hayek Engineering into a renowned institution in all questions concerning business and strategy.

The collaborators share enthusiasm for innovative processes and can identify with the company values in ethics, thoroughness, corporate thinking and responsibility. Hayek Engineering delivers high quality, often using unexpected methods.

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